Ocean Tug


For this project, our excellent electricians, technicians, and project managers were brought on to complete the electrical works for Nichols Brothers’ ocean tug build. This vessel is a very large one that required extensive electrical systems to be put in place to ensure it worked properly. Due to its nature of being a ship that must be reliable in an emergency, we were sure to make the electrical systems as long lasting as possible and ensured that they would meet the up-time requirements with a suitable maintenance schedule.

McKay was contracted by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders for all the electrical works aboard the vessel, which included:

  • Installed the electrical equipment for the towing winch
  • Installed the lighting for the vessel
  • Installed power generators to power the tug’s electrical systems
  • Installed instrumentation and control systems to allow monitoring and control of the vessel from a centralised location
  • Installed equipment to allow the vessel to communicate with other vessels and the shore
  • Installed all additional equipment for the smooth operation on the vessel
  • Preformed testing and commissioning for all on-board electrical equipment

We were able to efficiently and effectively complete this project thanks to our group of highly experienced and qualified marine electrical engineers and marine electricians. We bring our high trained personnel with us to every project we face, each able to make use of the specialised skills that our clients require to get the design solution they need.

The project was such a success that McKay has since been brought on board to complete electrical works for additional tug boats with NBBB.