Atlantic Pioneer Wind Farm Vessel

2015 – 2016

The Atlantic Pioneer is the first U.S Flagged Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) for Atlantic Wind Transfers that began service for Deep Water Wind Block Island at the end of May 2016. The 21 meter aluminium vessel was designed by South Boats IOW (Isle of Wight), recognized as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing crew transfer vessels, with McKay being approached to deliver the full electrical design for the 21m, twin hulled, all aluminium catamaran.

As well as delivering the complete electrical design (EDW) for the vessel, McKay also manufactured and supplied all of the distribution boards. All switchboards and distribution boards supplied by McKay were supported with a documentation package that contained, parts lists and drawings.

Full scope of works are detailed below:

Electrical Design

  • Electrical Design Work (EDW) Electrical Drawings

Electrical Distribution Switchboard Supply

  • 1x AC Dist. Board
  • 2x 24V DC (Port & Stbd) Electrical Lockers
  • 3x 24V DCDB’s

McKay were able to successfully deliver the works on time and within budget, enabling the vessel to operate efficiently with up to 12 tons of cargo in the bow and 3 tons of cargo in the stern.